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Mastering Masturbation

Master the art of self-pleasure! In part one of this guide, you’ll join sex coach Will Tantra in an exploration of the penis and its pleasure - including lubricants, stroke techniques, body positions and endurance. In part two, you’ll incorporate ALL your senses for full body ecstasy - and discover edging techniques, stamina and ejaculation control.

  • Master self-pleasure with this 73-minute, two-part guide featuring sex coach Will Tantra
  • Discover a world of new masturbation strokes and increased pleasure
  • Evolve your self-pleasure practice with techniques for edging and ejaculation control
  • Say goodbye to stigma and shame - and embrace a world of ecstasy and joy!
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Awakening Your Erotic Body

Looking to have a more fulfilling sex life? Whether you’re partnered or solo, it’s time to go deeper! Using breath, sound and movement, sex and intimacy coach Matthew Shur will help awaken and invigorate your erotic body - and demonstrate exercises to help you become more present. A world of deeper connections awaits!

  • Ignite your sexual essence with this 91-minute, two-part guide featuring sex coach Matthew Shur
  • Transform your sex life through exercises that harness the power of breath, sound and movement
  • Become more present in your own body - and more present with others
  • Experience a level of fulfillment in your sex life that you never thought possible!
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Presence And Power

Liberate your body - and your pleasure! Through a series of workshops that have helped hundreds of men, sex and intimacy coach Finn Deerhart will give you the tools to radically evolve your sex life. In this two-part guide packed with workshops, you’ll learn to love your body, discover what you really want and become empowered to ask for it - and so much more!

  • Free your erotic body with this 103-minute, two-part guide featuring sex and intimacy coach Finn Deerhart
  • Cultivate deeper attunement through groundbreaking guided solo or partnered exercises
  • Maximize pleasure by tapping into your deepest wants and desires
  • Unlock new levels of sexual potential in your sex life!
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